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The Types of Vehicle Insurance in Italy


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In the early 30s of last century the number of cars on the roads in several European countries began to grow, leading to growth and the number of victims of road accidents. To prevent loss of life different countries gradually began introduce to mandatory auto insurance. In Italy this law was started in 1969.

According to the current Italian law about car insurance a brokers should offer his client a few insurers to choose from. In Italy, there are certain types of vehicle insurance. Interestingly, the types of insurance of a various insurance companies may differ significantly from each other.

In fact, the type of car insurance determined by using the official scale of the country, thus each company converted to a kind of inner marker of the insurance. This policy allows you to control prices in the insurance market. Apart from anything else in the Internet many a variety of an online vehicle insurance services, using them it possibly compare the various types of auto insurance.

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The Types of Vehicle Insurance in Italy + vehicle insurance