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The Italian Version of Autoinsurance

2012 Maserati Kubang

Legendary Italian Maserati

In the last century a number of cars on roads of some European countries began to increase, leading to growth of number of victims of road incidents. For preventive action the various countries gradually start the personal insurance pact. In Italy the autoinsurance started as the law of №990 about civil autoresponsibility (since 1969).

According to the current Italian legislation, the insurance brokers should present to a client some insurers for the choice. In Italy there are certain types of car insurance. Thus, if the insurance type changes (it's may be), the client is there and then informed by the insurance company about it.

The insurance contracts concluded in Italy before last changes in the insurance legislation, were rigid enough. They consisted for a period of 10 years, and the client could not terminate it of the own free will, without paying round enough sum of the insurance company. Now this rule is canceled, therefore the client has the right to break off the contract without payment of indemnification to the insurance company.

In the Italian insurance companies have place the bonus system. This system is connected with a multiple-purpose scale of a classes which is official for the country. The lowest is an eighteenth class which assumes increase in the award to 100%. The class changes depending on quantity of failures to which the person gets. The class improvement occurs only in case of accident-free year (use discount insurance quotes online).

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The Italian Version of Autoinsurance + review