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Alfa Romeo by Novitec
Alfa Romeo MiTo

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec

Tuning studio Novitec which specializes basically on such supercars as Ferrari and Maserati, undertook for Alfa Romeo MiTo. Before tuning the Italian midget car could brag of the 1,4-l engine with a turbo-supercharging power of 155HP.

Now, after completions, Alfa Romeo MiTo about 100 km/h for 7,4 seconds are dispersed. Novitec has dispersed the engine to 186HP, but also on it tuners have not stopped. At MiTo there was a rear wing, thresholds, 18-inch wheels 215/35. Also "the Italian stallion" became more agile: the car have lowered on 40 mm by means of sports shock-absorbers.

Tuning version Alfa Romeo MiTo

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Alfa Romeo by Novitec + tuning