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Ferrari F430 by Novitec Rosso
Ferrari F430

Tuning Version of Ferrari F430

The tuning studio Novitec Rosso specializing on operational development of cars of mark Ferrari, has prepared a package of options for Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M. We will notice, that Ferrari has made only 499 copies of this model.

For those who will be not not impressed with characteristics a supercar, the studio and has developed Novitec Rosso Scuderia Spider 16M. The motor-car manufacturer has equipped the sports car with the unit power of 510HP, however masters Novitec Rosso have counted such power insufficient and "have squeezed out" of the engine of 696HP at the expense of two superchargers.

To 100 km/h coupe it is dispersed for 3,7 sec, and the maximum speed of tuning version Ferrari F430 is equal 315 km/h. Judging by photos, the car has not undergone practically any external changes. The studio has only blacked out back headlights a supercar and have completed the car with firm wheel disks NF3 of black color.

Cabriolet Ferrari F430
Novitec Rosso

Ferrari F430 by Novitec Rosso

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Ferrari F430 by Novitec Rosso + tuning