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FIAT 500 for the US Nation
FIAT 500 Nation

FIAT 500 Nation — Limited Edition

The Fiat Company (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, or the English version: Italian Automobile Factory of Turin) informed that on the motor show in Bologna new version of FIAT 500 Nation will be presented.

FIAT 500 to the US Car Market

The FIAT 500 Nation is created in honor of the beginning of sales of this car in the USA. The main specifics of this Italian car — the back side of rear-view mirrors is presented in style of «stars & strips». Among possible coloring of a car body - white and dark blue. The car also received 16-inch disks (similar at the Grande Punto). It's known that the FIAT 500 will be presented in two modifications: hatchback and cabriolet.

FIAT 500 Nation: the Hatchback or a Cabriolet?

The Nation 500 should appear in the US car market in February of Next Year. The cost of this hatchback — from 14,500 Euros, it's necessary to pay extra for a folding roof (for a cabriolet): in this modification the car will cost from 18,000 Euros. The Fiat Company plans to made no more than 500 copies of each variant of the FIAT 500 Nation.

FIAT 500
The Italian car: FIAT
FIAT 500: hatchback
FIAT 500 (interior)

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