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Fiat Twin Air Achieves Extra Low CO2 Emissions

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Twin Air

With consumers becoming increasingly strapped for cash and conscious of their impact on the environment, smaller engines and lower emissions are at the top of many a car buyer’s list. It was with this in mind that Fiat developed a 2-cylinder version of their popular 500 model. Perhaps surprisingly, the 2-cylinder engine produces 15% lower emissions and 24% more power than its 1.2-litre, 4-cylinder predecessor.

Not only does this make it cheaper, and a bit more fun, to drive, but it also makes it one of few petrol driven cars that is exempt from the congestion charge in London. Italian cars are becoming an increasingly popular buying choice both in Europe and the USA; and many people are using Fiat finance deals to purchase a new or used vehicle.

From a driver’s perspective, the 85 break horsepower generated by its super-light (85kg) engine gives the car a surprisingly nippy feel. In fact, it does 0-60 in under 11 seconds, which certainly isn’t bad for a car its size, especially when keeping its fuel-efficiency in mind, and will reach a top speed of 108mph. Starting from just over £10,500 and in combination with it’s low running costs, the 2-cylinder Twin Air is a perfect alternative for cash and environment conscious city drivers.

Never mind the small engine. Fiat Twin Air still is fun to drive and 92g/km CO2 emissions make it a road-tax exempt in many countries.

Fiat Twin Air Achieves Extra Low CO2 Emissions, 9 out of 10 [based on 345 votes]

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Fiat Twin Air Achieves Extra Low CO2 Emissions + Twin Air