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Geneva Motor Show: Unusual Ferrari

Ferrari F430

2011 Ferrari F430

The head of the Ferrari company hinted at premiere possibility in Geneva absolutely new and unusual Ferrari.
Signor Luca di Montezemolo at times meaningly supposes some information leakage about the future novelties to their premiere. In interview to the French magazine L'Equipe, mr. Montezemolo declared that its company prepares new model for the Geneva auto show, "rather different from others".

Naturally, any additional information from Italy did not arrive yet, but the European mass-media assume that seigneur Montezemolo meant a certain model with the lowered influence on environment.
On the Parisian motor show Mr. Montezemolo already showed Ferrari 430 equipped with system High Emotion Low Emisson (HELE). It's expected that this year HELE system becomes a part of a basic set of Ferrari super-cars.

Besides, in assortment of a new Ferrari F430 is available the 599 HY-KERS with the hybrid power-plant, equipped with the additional 100-strong electromotor.

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Geneva Motor Show: Unusual Ferrari + supercar