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Great Enzo Ferrari has created the multi-billion corporation creating not simply fast and reliable cars, but standards of high automobile design. In company history the broadest range of remarkable and rare cars but what of them it's really possible to name the most beautiful?

Television channel CNBC has asked most authoritative historian and expert of the Italian mark Marcel Massini to make the list of 15 most magnificent Ferrari in history. The Swiss has 30-year-old professional experience of researches in the field of automobile history, edits two international firm magazines and it's considered the best in the world the adviser for the Italian cars, whose services the largest collectors and the famous auction houses use.

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15. Ferrari 375 Plus Cabriolet (1954)

Cabriolet Ferrari

Massini has put this car on 15 place because this car "has been created in the single copy for the king of Belgium Leopold and at Ferrari 375 Plus Cabriolet too huge engine". Prospective cost of the car — $10 million.

14. Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Berlinetta (1967)

Ferrari Berlinetta

Comment Massini: "This variant of 250th GTO for the poor man became classics of 60th years". Approximate cost of $900,000US, circulation — 330 copies.

13. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Spider (1959)

Ferrari Spider

Massini: "the Fantastic kind, and extremely successful racer". 15 million dollars, and only four collected cars.

12. Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series 1 (1957)

Cabriolet Ferrari GT

"Very graceful, pure and at the same time simple lines, it is a pity, that it is not enough". Massini had in view of too small circulation of a cabriolet — 36 cars. Today such car on sale for $3 million.

11. Ferrari 330 P4 Berlinetta (1967)

Ferrari 330

Massini: "very sensual, very successful in races and very rare". It has been made only 3 cars, prospective cost — $30 million.

10. Ferrari 250 GT Lusso Berlinetta (1963)

Ferrari 250

250 GT Lusso Berlinetta "are extraordinary graceful, they very much like women". On personal preference Massini the best variant of color for this car is dark blue or a shade of gun bronze. 350 copies are constructed. The today's price: $500,000US.

9. Ferrari 365 GTB/4 "Daytona" Berlinetta (1968)

Ferrari Daytona

The characteristic which has been given out by the Swiss expert: "Initial design, massive, but thus prompt". The nickname "Daytona" was given by journalists, in honor of victory Ferrari in the 24-sentry to race in the Daytona-Beach in February of 1967. The best color for this car, according to Massini, exclusively yellow. The price — 350 000 dollars. 1 383 copies are made.

8. Ferrari Enzo (2003)

Ferrari Enzo

The car of 2003 "extremely exotic and extreme, named in honor of the company founder. The best colour for Enzo — grey-steel gun bronze". The prospective price of $1,3 million, 400 copies.

7. Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta (1961)

Cabriolet Berlinetta

"A fine and harmonious styling, a brutal design, the best variant have a cheap tires with strong protector". 165 cars of this model have been constructed. Their today's price fluctuates from 3~6 million dollars.

6. Ferrari 206 Dino GT (1968)

Ferrari Dino

According to Massini: "at Dino 206 GT very sensual lines of rotundities, the car by all means should be dark green or silver-grey". Prospective cost today — $300 000. Circulation — 150 units.

5. Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta (1949)

Ferrari Barchetta cabriolet

Barchetta became for Ferrari "the sign project, it is an early classics" Ferrari "which, of course, should be red". Only these 25 beauties left factory gate in 1949. Today for each of them ask not less $5 million.

4. Ferrari 250 Mille Miglia Berlinetta (1953)

Ferrari Mille

"A classical 3-l racing car of the beginning of 50th years". 18 copies of this model are made For long-distance races, today car cost reaches $3 million.

3. Ferrari 250 LM Berlinetta (1964)

Ferrari 250 LM

On high third place Massini has put this car because it — "last Ferrari, winning wearisome 24 hour race in Le Mans in 1965". The starting price from $8,000,000. In total 32 copies are made.

2. Ferrari 250 GTO Series Two (1964)

Ferrari 250 GTO

"An aggressive look with unusually long front and short back and a tremendous success of public", have forced Massini to put this car on the second place in a rating of the most beautiful cars Ferrari of all times. Cost of one of 7 constructed copies 250 GTO Series Two reads off scale for 30 million dollars.


1. Ferrari 375 Mille Miglia Spider — Chassis #0286 AM only (1953)

Cabriolet Ferrari Spider

The unique car collected in the single copy. For Massini this car most-most of all models with an emblem of "the Caracoling Stallion".

"Extremely the aggressive project, unique, executed in one copy, a detail and sensational components". The expert believes, that the initial price of such car will be not less than $12,000,000 million.

The remarkable fact, in rating Massini practically is not present models Ferrari of last 40 years, except for "anniversary" Enzo 2003. Can be at you, expensive readers, are into this account the opinion?

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