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Ferrari by Michael Schumacher
Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

The first impression of rather live photos from an exhibition — «what it malicious!». Also has put at all in the 4,5-l motor power of 562HP.

Company Ferrari did not make such outwardly malicious cars already very much for a long time. Obviously not to compare with predecessors of 430th and 360th. Indexes grow — power and a rage grows. And you try to do a bit of travelling with such hot motor behind the back!

Dispersal to 100 km/h — only 3,4 seconds. The maximum speed — 325 km/h. Emotions anywhere do not share, after all Ferrari — is Ferrari. Ferrari 458 Italia all Italy is proud and all world envies.

Ferrari Italia

By the way, there is one more fact which will not leave indifferent admirers of mark. All of us, certainly, we remember powerful Enzo. And so, on a Ferrari track in Fiorano 458 Italia only on the tenth share of second more slowly Enzo! Result of passage at Ferrari 458 Italia — 1 minute of 25 seconds, against 1 minute 24,9 at space Enzo. Well and whose successor this Italia?

Ferrari 458 Italia in details

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Ferrari by Michael Schumacher + supercar