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Ferrari F430 by Experts ASI
Ferrari F430

Aerodynamic Version of Ferrari F430

Japanese tuning company ASI has developed a styling-package for supercar Ferrari F430 and the complete set of completions for family Bentley Continental part (GT, Flying Spur and GTC).

Modified Ferrari F430 has received an aerodynamic weather-cloth into which new bumpers and aggressive lateral thresholds enter. These components on 27 kg it is easier than factory aerodynamic elements. Also tuners offer final system with the branch pipes which have been built in the central part of a back bumper.

"Reinsertion" of the engine and the new final system enters into a tuning package for Bentley, all it will provide power in 700HP. The special electronic module which has been built in a suspension bracket, allows to reduce a road clearance in addition.

BMW M6 VS Ferrari F430

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Ferrari F430 by Experts ASI + VS