The US Department of Driver Knowledges

The True American Car

The Ubiquitous Department of Motor Vehicles

In the USA a life without a car is simply impossible. In the majority of cities the public transport is absent, therefore if you live in the USA, the assistant number one — the drivers license. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is engaged in delivery of the driving license.

These are police divisions, the DMV offices are available in each State of the USA (Arizona DMV, Florida DMV, Texas DMV, California DMV, Utah DMV, Colorado DMV, Idaho DMV, Kansas DMV etc).

It's Necessary, For a True License:

To receive a driving license, it's necessary to pass test. At first you carry out written examination in the local DMV. For this purpose it's necessary to learn traffic regulations of a State, whose driving license you need. Here it's necessary to know that traffic regulations, requirements, laws, penalties and cost of examinations in the different US States is the different.

For access to the road test it's necessary to have ID (passport) and SSN. If you have no SSN (for example, you are in the USA under the tourist or educational visa) it's necessary to take the inquiry in the Social Security Office, for what reason you have no SSN. In some States instead of SNN it's possible to give the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

The Theory, Without a Practice — Nonsense!

Further solve absolutely simple driving test. After the rules theory you are obliged to carry out the vision test, and in some days to you «Learner’s permit» by mail come. For successful understanding of road rules I recommend the free DMV practice permit test.

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