Gold Ferrari by Pininfarina
Ferrari 330 LMB

The Golden Italian

Well-known Italian tuning studio Pininfarina has presented the new project which has received the name "Golden Ferrari". The car exclusive, but not the unique.

Outwardly "the gold Italian" reminds Ferrari 330 LMB which flashed in a short-footage film "Toby Dammit", informs WorldCarFans. Golden Ferrari, similarly Ferrari P4/5 from Pininfarina, has received thanks to diligence of the Italian tuners unique design in retro-style.

The open design of a body became the brightest line in a sportcar. On not confirmed data, as a power-plant the car have equipped with 6,0-l engine V12 developing 620HP this engine hides under a cowl 599 GTB.

As inform foreign mass-media, exclusive "Golden Ferrari" the director of trading network Wal-mart Rob Walton has got.

Exclusive Golden Ferrari

Exclusive sportcar